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Im a critic, one of the best. Why? Because I can ask the question and play both ends to get the best answer. The Devils Advocate. Im a artist, a Connoisseur of varied subjects. Im a great thinker firm debater. Knowledge Skill and proficiencies in many areas of expertise and studies. Im a strategist and tactician by nature always looking for the angles plots schemes and alter motives and ambitions. But above all Im a sharp shooting trouble shooter. One of the best. This isn't just me speaking, My ego will confirm every single word. As well as numerous individuals who know me.

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    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Today as I was driving well As I was being driven I opened my iPhone and went to a nice application called iQuran. After opening this app I went to a sura I wanted to read as it had been mentioned in a kutbah that I had just listened to on Friday from iman mahmoud. The sura kahf or the cave. Now after reading this sura I have to say that for anyone, believer and non believer. This is a must read. This is one of those things that once read brings a certain bit of enlightenment. I saw this because as I was reading the wonderful words of Allah. I began to understand things I had previous knowlegde of but lacked certain understanding about. I guess clarity is what happened. I believe that by the grace of god. All is possible. I'm learning over here. Thomas out!

    Friday, May 22, 2009

    So. Today was good. Why. It's Friday. Special day. For many reasons. Went and got some understanding that was needed. Funny or not so funny part about that is just before I recieved the knowledge I had just settled down and asked for guidance an more knowledge. An then not less than. 10 mind later I was listening to just what I was asking for. With that I must say allahuakbar. God is great. The phrase seek and ye shall find very very true. Which is why I have choosen by gods grace not to stop in re search of knowledge and understanding. I mean in fact it's every human on earths right and duty to learn for the betterment of the entire race. Knowledge keeps us going. It's ignorance that makes us spin our wheels. Well that was the quick thought for now. New way of thinking will go as such don't be a rat in a cage spin your wheels going no where. Learn expand so that the places you can go have no limit. With age comes wisdom. Never believed that until I realized that as I get older my views are changing. Just have to moniter to make sure that it's for the better. Thomas out!

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Wow! What can I say. Technology is amazing. Today at 3pm est I got another mention from rick sancez on CNN. That's 2. So far since I've started using twitter.
    Ok! so now I can blogg just as much as I tweet. But I've promised myself to not blogg as if. But to only blogg to futher continue trying to learn more. while at the same time giving myself a reference guide of sorts. All locked in with the iPhone now. Just have to figure out now how to add the update to twitter automatically from my blog. You see still have to learn.

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    After some time spent.

    OK so I think I done for now. Figured a few things out. Made some changes OK. Now what. Well. On witf it. ( In a slightly ill fated British accent). There's more that needs to be done. What Ive come to learn is that blogging is not as easy as it seems or even as simple for that matter. I tend to see blogger's as very talented people. Why you might ask. Because it take some sort of talent to express your self in any medium. let alone one that will gain criticism and be available for scrutiny. I tend to think of them as Journalist I would say. In some way they are because the thought for me had always been that in order to blog and be good at it you must have to know how to write really well or be in the journalism field. I mean why else would people just randomly do it. Then I being to realize that its something much more. In fact blogging isn't so simple. So back on track now after seeing that the track or path I took was a good one. I set out to make a blog in order to make myself learn how to do other things. Forced learning kinda like tricking myself. Here we go Now." On witf it"

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Im thinking about the end and working backwards to fill the space that leads to the present

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Restored vision and focus through research of other issues. Knowledge truly is the light of power.
    I've been working on it.


    looking for a way to take my passion and turn it into something amazing. Im good at what I do. But right now what am I doing exactly. theres not much time but theres more than enough. This is apart of that process.