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Im a critic, one of the best. Why? Because I can ask the question and play both ends to get the best answer. The Devils Advocate. Im a artist, a Connoisseur of varied subjects. Im a great thinker firm debater. Knowledge Skill and proficiencies in many areas of expertise and studies. Im a strategist and tactician by nature always looking for the angles plots schemes and alter motives and ambitions. But above all Im a sharp shooting trouble shooter. One of the best. This isn't just me speaking, My ego will confirm every single word. As well as numerous individuals who know me.

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    Tuesday, September 15, 2009

    Is it Tonight

    Im feeling like tonight could be the Night. laylatul qadr. the most powerful Night of All. Inshallah I'll get the most out of this blessed evening. Inshallah. that is if it is tonight and not the remainder of the next 2 available days.